The term “refinish” usually means to remove the existing finish from a piece of furniture and then replace it with a new finish. This is necessary when the existing finish is too badly damaged or worn to be restored. The process of removing a finish typically involves the use of chemical strippers, solvents, and or sandpaper. This is a very involved process that is always done off-site in an environment that is equipped for the use of harsh chemicals and the handling and disposal of residual debris. This is never something that should be done in the home. In many cases, the top surface of a piece is the only surface that needs to be refinished. For example, the top of a makeup vanity, desk, or dresser may have been damaged by a nail polish remover spill. The top stain color and finish can often be matched to the rest of the piece without refinishing everything else. There are also many instances where the customer wants to change the look entirely from its original finish. Perhaps a different stain color or even a complete redo using high-quality furniture paint. The possibilities are limited only to one’s vision and imagination.

Refinishing Cherry Table

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