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Persian Blue

This solid cherry corner cabinet,made by Pulaski was in desperate need of an update. First, the grills were removed from the door to open the viewing area. Next the finial was removed from the pediment. Finally, we applied an acrylic based Milk paint called Persian Blue to bring it up to date. I love it when a plan comes together!

“A Work of Art”
My customer entrusted me to restore the original finish on this magnificent card table. It was made by her great uncle, William White. Born in 1870, Mr. White was a carpenter by trade. In his later years he loved to create fine pieces such as this and give them to family members as gifts. This folding card table was presented to my customer’s mother on the day of her Uncle William’s 90th birthday in 1960. Truly masterful workmanship. See if you can spot the one error with the inlay. I couldn’t…

Fire can destroy anything that it touches. This customer suffered a devastating house fire in which virtually all personal belongings were lost. The only clothing items that were not burned, were those that were in the dryer. After three agonizing weeks of digging through the rubble, only a handful of furniture items were even slightly salvageable. Some of which were handmade by her father many years ago. I was, fortunately, able to restore these items and help the family to leave a tragedy behind.

This antique Morris Chair has been in my customer’s family for several generations. It belonged to a grandfather and was presented to him as a retirement gift from his job with a railroad. The chair had been passed between family members for years until finding it’s final home. Along the way, it had been somewhat neglected. It needed some attention and that’s what I gave it. I repaired and restored the frame and had the cushions reupholstered. I was honored to be part of the story!!

“Good Directions”
The restoration of this late 19th century Lawyers File, as commonly described, was really fun. It still had all of its original parts. It has been in my customer’s family for decades. It was disassembled about 30 years ago during a move. I had no idea of how it all went together. Fortunately, I found the original label on the bottom, which described how to do it. The Tiger Eye oak frame was stripped and clear coated to enhance the natural color of the wood. “Thank God For Good Directions”…….

“Poker Face”
A good friend and long-time customer asked me to restore this old folding leg poker table. I said, “sure, I can do that”. Well, I knew nothing about replacing the felt on the top. With a bit of research, I found the original manufacturer and their instructions on how to do it. This piece had been out of commission for over 30 years and was given to a college/army buddy as a housewarming gift. It had to be done just right! It turned out great. “Never show them your cards”

This drop leaf table had been out of commission for quite some time. Unbeknownst to us all, it was a real treasure just waiting to be discovered. Made by a company started in London in the mid-1800’s by the name of Harris Lebus Furniture. By 1899, it was the largest furniture manufacturer in the world employing more than 1000 people. My customer had a great place in her home picked out for it and will be enjoyed by a very large family for many more years to come.

“Diamond in the Rough”
My customer just knew that this desk that she picked up at an antique store had potential beneath the old worn finish. The style in itself is quite unique. It fits perfectly in the bedroom overlooking the backyard garden area. This was a really fun project and a pleasant surprise when bringing it back to life.

This antique mahogany china cabinet was the first piece of furniture that my customer purchased when he and his wife got married some thirty-plus years ago. After an extensive interior renovation, this piece just didn’t seem to fit anymore. Knowing that the versatility and functionality of this piece were going to be hard to find in another piece, along with the sentimental value, the decision was made to give it an updated look. I gave it a brand new soft white lacquer finish in a satin sheen!

A good friend of mine picked up this vintage Motorola Stereophonic HiFi system at a garage sale for a mere twenty dollars! The cabinet is made by Drexel Furniture but was in rough shape. Someone had attempted to remove the finish and obviously gave up. The unit was complete, including all electronics in working order. A complete cabinet restoration was done, and a light cherry finish was applied. This piece was manufactured in Oct. of 1961. I expect that it will be enjoyed for many years to come.

“Antique Ice Box”
This antique Ice Box had been a functioning piece for many years prior to the advent of modern electricity. At some point, and with an electric refrigerator taking its place, it became a storage unit tucked away in a corner of the home. Many coats of white paint, once removed, revealed its beautiful oak construction. The hardware, being quite rusted, was painted flat black. A small nameplate bears the name of the grandmother who once owned this cherished piece.

“One of a kind Table and Chair”
This custom-made and hand-crafted table and chairs are truly a work of art. Inspired, designed, and built by hand by a world-renowned artist in the Dominican Republic. The artist’s whimsical designs are created using discarded materials from old houses. This set sustained serious transportation damage. Three of the four chairs arrived with broken legs and backs. The table top and base were also damaged. The repair work had to reflect the same passion and inspiration as its creator intended.

“Out with the Old”
This very functional set still has a lot of life left in it. The outdated Hunter Green was re-painted in a custom color. “Ivory Lace” gives it an updated look and it now matches the customer’s kitchen cabinets in their new home. Many more memories to be made around this table!

“See the Light”
This very functional set still has a lot of life left in it. The outdated Hunter Green was re-painted in a custom color. “Ivory Lace” gives it an updated look and it now matches the customer’s kitchen cabinets in their new home. Many more memories to be made around this table!

“Roll Top Desk with deep gouge”

This Cherry Roll Top Desk with a hand-painted floral pattern had a deep gouge across the front approximately twelve inches in length. The damaged area was carefully filled and sanded so as not to affect the surrounding finish. Once the gouge was properly filled, the stain color was matched and the leaves and flowers were repainted. All work was performed on-site.


“Sette with Pet Damaged Arm”

This unique antique Morris-style reclining chair had fallen victim to the family’s puppy. The front of the left arm had been chewed. The chair is one of a matching pair and had successfully made it to the US from England without a scratch. Replacement of the damaged chair was not an option and the repair seemed impossible to the owner. Luckily for the pooch, things worked well and peace has been restored to the home!!